Chefs Selection

Sawtelle                                                  14.95

spring mix, romaine, roasted turkey, dates, corn, goat cheese, sliced almonds, croutons

chef suggests tangy apple vinaigrette

Sonoma Coast                                              14.95

romaine, spring mix, roasted turkey, red grapes, orange slices, candied walnuts, mozzarella. add 2.00 for avocado               

chef suggests tangy apple vinaigrette

American Bounty                                            10.25

spring mix, spinach, cucumber, tomato, corn, beets, carrot, celery, croutons               add 3.25 for free range grilled chicken breast

chef suggests greens up! house dressing

Darren Bell                                                15.50    
romaine, spinach, roasted turkey, smoked bacon, swiss cheese, bleu cheese,tomato,  croutons.  add avocado for 2.00                        

chef suggests roasted garlic


Thai                                                       12.95              
romaine, spring mix, organic tofu, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion, cashews          add 1.25 to change tofu to free range chicken

chef suggests thai peanut or tropical ginger dressing

Santorini                                                  14.50
romaine, kale, flaked tuna, feta, black olives, cucumber, sun dried tomatoes, croutons

chef suggests greens up! house dressing

Spa                                                        12.95
spinach, kale, orange slices, red onion, dried cherries, goat cheese, sliced almonds      add 3.25 for all natural and nitrate free roasted turkey

chef suggests tangy apple vinaigrette

"somewhat" caesar                                           10.95
romaine, shaved parmesan, bleu cheese, herbed croutons.                                    add 3.25 for free range grilled chicken breast

chef creamy roasted garlic

Create your own salad 

Directions: (starting from 8.50)

1. Pick your greens

2. Choose four ingredients from the toppings

3. Select a dressing






organic spring mix, romaine, organic spinach, organic arugula, organic kale

choose one or mix it up


Toppings (for additional + .50)

red onions, carrot, celery, red/yellow peppers, peas, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, corn (non GMO), mushrooms, fresh beets, black olives, cucumber, red grapes, sunflower seeds, herb croutons, kidney beans, chopped egg



albacore flaked tuna                 2.95

free range chicken breast            2.95

all natural roasted turkey           2.95

chicken protein salad                5.95

organic baked tofu                   2.50

smoked bacon                         2.00

organic edamame                      1.50

goat cheese                          1.75

mozzarella/swiss/feta                1.50

bleu cheese/shaved parmesan          1.50  



candied walnuts                     1.75

cashews                             1.50

sliced almonds                      1.50

avocado                             2.25

quinoa                              2.00

artichoke hearts                    1.50

orange sections                     1.75

dates                               1.50

dried cherries                      1.50

dried cranberries                   1.50

sundried tomatoes                   1.50

toasted coconut                     1.00                                        


Dressings (made fresh daily)

tangy apple vinaigrette (lite), greens up! house, house balsamic, creamy roasted garlic,Tropical ginger vinaigrette (lite), thai peanut, chipotle lime vinaigrette (lite), extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, ask for dressing of the day! 

our bottle dressing now available!!


protein SAlads

chicken salad                                                   5.95 per scoop   

organic free range chicken, apple, pear, celery, walnut,

dried cherries & golden raisins, light mayo


tuna salad                                                      5.95 per scoop

albacore tuna, carrot, celery, red onion, cranberries,

relish, parsley, light mayo


thanksgiving turkey salad                                        5.95 per scoop

all natural turkey, carrot, celery, cranberries, 

chopped kale, walnuts, herbs & spices, light mayo

*Currently available at Montana ave only


Ancient Grains Salad                                             5.95 per scoop   

quinoa, farro, organic edamame, cashews, cranberries, 

roasted corn, pineapple, chopped kale, with our

chipotle lime dressing!



organic chilled green tea                                                2.75

farmstand lemonade                                                       2.75

strawberry mint cooler                                                   3.50


beverages                                                           1.95-2.95

spring water, mexican coke, diet coke, sparkling water,

coconut water, bai


kombucha                                                                 3.95

gingerade, trilogy


greens up! cookie                                                        3.50

chocolate chip walnut, peanut butter,

apricot pineapple cranberry (vegan & gluten free)


chips                                                                    1.95

salt, jalapeno, bbq, sour cream, salt & vinegar


protein bars                                                             2.50

chocolate, peanut butter crunch